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You've bought your program.  You are pressing play every day, and yet you aren't seeing results.  Read on to find out what you might be doing wrong!

Here is an EXCLUSIVE first look at Beachbody's new body building program, Body Beast! While many of us have done P90X and built lean muscle, Beachbody has finally made a program that is for the guys out there that really want to lift for size and mass! It JUST hit the shelves, so tune in below for an exclusive look:


Coaches haven't been trained on the product yet, but from what I know so far:


Where do I get it?: 

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Building 10 pounds of muscle in 90 days



Base Kit ($89) - 12 DVD's, 3-phase program, and diet guide


Body Beast w/ Huge Stack ($200) - Base kit, plus two supplements, basically a loaded "base" whey protein powder, and the "fuel shot" muscle recovery drink


Body Beast w/ Beast Stack ($254) - All of the above, plus two extra supplements, a Suma Root which helps boost testosterone naturally, and Creatine monohydrate, with 0 additives for pre-workout boost, to get more reps and fuel your anaerobic power!


More on the Supplements:



You will need dumbbells and barbells.  Looking at the videos, I'm sure guys will need at least 50's for some of the back exercises, so looking at Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Dumbbells, either the 552 (up to 55.2 lbs.) or 1090 (up to 109 pounds) is probably the cheapest solution if you don't have dumbbells at home.  You can purchase a barbell and weights for Body Beast here.


Will I Get Results?:

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Chocolate Vegan! Check out the label here:

Some Quick Hits about Vegan formula (particularly Strawberry below):

-New flavor featuring strawberry, banana & tropical fruits like pineapple, papaya & coconut
-Mild flavor that's easy to customize
-100% vegan: No dairy/animal/soy/lactose
-Plant-based complete protein = raw, sprouted, bio-fermented brown rice
-Features coconut flower nectar = natural sweetner, low on glycemic index; no more fructose!
-completely whole foods - no added vitamins or minerals, period - even the xantham gum is gone
-vitamins and minerals are not listed on the new label because it is completely a whole food product - they're absolutely present, but they will vary from bag to bag
-160 calories, 15g protein, 20g carbs, 4g fiber, 10g sugar (natural from fruits)
-new ingredients featured: Luo Han Guo, and Konjac Root

Today, 4/8/11, the long awaited sequel to Insanity, The Asylum, was released by Beachbody!  This is a 30 day elite sports training program.  It will be similar to Insanity with more of a total body focus, including use of dumbbells and pullups.  It will focus on Max Interval Training, while also introducing some intense sports drills.  It comes with a jump rope and agility ladder, and two bonus strength bands.  You can buy the deluxe kit, which also comes with a chin-up bar, and chin-up assist stirrup, and additional strength bands.  The program is about $89, and the deluxe kit is another $89 on top of that.  I'd imagine if you've done p90x already, you will have a suitable chin-up bar.  This program is going to be very advanced, but if you have graduated from p90x or Insanity, you will be ready!

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Below are some of the descriptions direct from Beachbody:

As a coach I get this question all the time!  The fact is, Shakeology hadn't been formulated yet when p90x came out 5 or so years ago, so while I highly recommend it as a part of the p90x nutrition plan, there is no literature from Beachbody (i.e. in the p90x nutrition guide) that describes how to use it.  Depending on how you use the shake, will probably also depend on how you log it into your daily nutrition.  If you are on Level I of the nutrition plan, which is the 1800 calorie a day option, I suggest using Shakeology to replace a meal in full, either as a straight one scoop serving with water, or as a blended recipe.  If you are on Level II with the 2400 calorie plan, you may want to do the same, but definitely look towards a blended recipe - add fruit and/or milk to your shake daily to add calories.  If you are on Level III needing 3000 calories, you might look at Shakeology as a snack, not as one of your "big" meals.  

P90x is probably the most popular workout product that Beachbody makes - it easily has the most recognizable name and the largest following - just check the facebook group!  But at the end of the day, p90x is still an extreme workout program.  It is one of the complete combinations of workouts ever created on video, and is full of modifications but there are still people who may not be suited for p90x.  I am in awe by EVERYONE who tries p90x - some people and their stories are absolutely incredible.  You just have to remember, in the p90x guide there is actually a physical fitness test, where if you can't do a minimum number of reps on some exercises, it suggests you try a different workout first.  So here are a few other options:

Many people have been asking me about how to create a hybrid between P90x and Insanity.  In the past 
year, I have put together two hybrids that I have tested out, and actually worked really well!

With the rolling out of the new year, Beachbody has reformulated their P90x Results and Recovery Formula, as well as the protein bars.  A lot of people have been asking about the old recovery drink vs. the new recovery drink. The main difference between them is that the old one used Fructose as the primary sugar with some Dextrose and Maltodextrin on the side. The new one eliminates the Fructose for you, while making Dextrose the primary sugar with some Maltodextrin. Otherwise, they are pretty much identical.

Fructose isn't necessarily "bad" for you, it is the sugar found in fruits and honey, but it doesn't absorb in your body as quickly as Dextrose will. Dextrose (like fructose) is a monosaccharide, but Dextrose is chemically equivalent to pure glucose. Maltodextrin is a polysaccharide usually derived from corn starch which, although chemically more complicated than dextrose, still absorbs rather quickly.