Many people have been asking me about how to create a hybrid between P90x and Insanity.  In the past 
year, I have put together two hybrids that I have tested out, and actually worked really well!  
The first one is a basic 90-day hybrid where you basically follow p90x and sub in Insanity workouts 
insteadof Plyo and Kenpo X. Additionally, I moved one of the ab days (you choose, Ab Ripper, or Cardio
Abs) to Day 6, so you don't have to work your core so much on Legs day.  I also put Yoga on Day 7, but
sometimes I only do the asanas (the first 43 or so minutes of the workout) since it's technically a
recovery day.  You can also substitute Fountain of Youth from the 1 on 1 series here.

Link to PDF of 90 Day, P90x-based Hybrid


The second hybrid is more or less a "doubles" routine.  It is 60 days, and Insanity based.  I phase in 
upper body workouts that I believe allow for adequate rest and rebuild time.  Back and Biceps occurs 
weekly since those are the least worked muscles in Insanity.  Aside from that, I phase in Shoulders and 
Arms MC2 and 30-15 from the 1 on 1 series.  You'll notice there is one CST in the first week, that's not a
mistake, I just thought it was a good place for it!  If you don't own these DVD's, you can always use 
traditional Shoulders and Arms, and traditional Chest and back for 30-15.  One of the problems of doing a
true "doubles" routine is that some of the Insanity workouts have a good amount of upper body work 
(particularly Chest and Shoulders in Max Plyo and Cardio Power and Resistance) so you don't want to 
overtrain.  As this hybrid builds, you'll see that the last few weeks are super intense!  I thought pretty 
hard about the sequence, and it definitely worked for me.  Bottom-line, listen to your body and it'll work 
wonders for you. Enjoy!!

Link to PDF of 60 Day, Xtreme Hybrid