Today, 4/8/11, the long awaited sequel to Insanity, The Asylum, was released by Beachbody!  This is a 30 day elite sports training program.  It will be similar to Insanity with more of a total body focus, including use of dumbbells and pullups.  It will focus on Max Interval Training, while also introducing some intense sports drills.  It comes with a jump rope and agility ladder, and two bonus strength bands.  You can buy the deluxe kit, which also comes with a chin-up bar, and chin-up assist stirrup, and additional strength bands.  The program is about $89, and the deluxe kit is another $89 on top of that.  I'd imagine if you've done p90x already, you will have a suitable chin-up bar.  This program is going to be very advanced, but if you have graduated from p90x or Insanity, you will be ready!

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Below are some of the descriptions direct from Beachbody:


What is Asylum?

Insanity: The Asylum is the first in-home sports-specific training program based on drills used by pro athletes.  During this intense 30-day program, you'll practice moving like a football running back, serve aces like a tennis pro, score points like an all-star guard, and more.

Why does it work?

Asylum is built on three cross-training cycles.  During Cycle 1, you'll be pushed to master a series of core sports exercises.  Once you've gotten those under control, the real fun begins.  As you step up to Cycle 2 and Cycle 3, Shaun T challenges you to dig even deeper with more complicated sports moves and progressively tougher drills.  This combination pushes you to use more muscles to develop skills that give you a measurable competitive edte.

How is it unique?

Elite athlete use proven sports training drills to sharpen their game-day skills and get into astonishing shape.  Now with Asylum, you can too.  With it's included agility ladder and speed rope, you'll train with more focus, concentration, and skill - just like an elite pro athlete.  After 30 days, you'll get faster, sgronger, and more agile than you ever imagined-enabling you to perform any sport or activity with eye-popping speed and skill.

If you've seen Shaun T lately, you know that even for someone who is in incredible shape, going through Asylum has made him perform and look even better!  I also talked to Lloyd, who is in some Insanity DVD's, and is in the informercial, and he let me know that Asylum is the real deal.  Anyone who has completed p90x or Insanity should consider purchasing Asylum to bring your fitness to the next level!