I've been on the road more than usual this year, and I have to say - if you are a type "A" personality and like to finish your 90 day workout DVD's neatly in exactly 90 days, a week long trip will probably mess with your head!  But that being said, there are ways to workout while away, staying at friends' houses, or hotels, or in places where there isn't an easy place to pop in a DVD and complete your workout.  Here a few suggestions I have for completing your workouts while away.  

Workout in Your Room/Hotel Room
I guess the easiest solution is to just bring the DVD's along with you!  If a DVD player isn't available, you can always bring a laptop and do the workout that way.  No dumbbells?  No problem!  Pick up a set of 3 resistance bands of various resistance levels and you can do almost any dumbbell or pull-up related exercise.  Hotels usually have higher ceilings than houses, so enjoy it if you have Plyo!

Workout in the Hotel Gym
It certainly isn't the end of the world if you actually have to go to the gym to complete your p90x, or other workout!  When I was staying in a hotel in Chicago earlier this spring, I brought the p90x guidebook with me and completed both Back and Biceps and Legs and Back in the hotel gym, without any problem!  It was kind of nice to just do the workout without the DVD, gave a new focus to me.  Plus somebody asked me where I got my routine from, and I proudly told him p90x!

No DVD's? Improvise!
It's kind of sad, but I can make up my own Insanity workout with nothing but a stopwatch.  If you've done Plyo X or Insanity enough times, you realize that without the DVD, you've pretty much memorized the routine!  Just write down which exercises you want to complete in which order and use your stopwatch, or a stopwatch on your phone to keep track of time as it passes by.  

Get Outside!
One of my favorite things to do is go to a completely new area and chart out a run using google maps, and then hitting the pavement, or trails!  Hiking, biking, running - whatever - can be done almost anywhere, even in bad weather.  The most fit people I know commit to being outside in addition to using a DVD program.  Having that DVD program as your base program is an important step to keep you motivated and on track for 60, or 90 days and beyond, but just realize that going for a run outside is NOT counter-productive, in fact in many ways it might be productive!

Do Stairs!
I know you are laughing, but running stairs is sometimes the only viable option when you are away.  Jokes aside, you can actually get a great anaerobic workout by running quickly up a couple flights of hotel stairs, then jogging down at a slower pace, than kicking it again on the way up!

So hopefully you see it isn't the end of the world if you are on the go all the time - be creative and have fun.  It's nice to commit to 90 days and realize that you can complete it straight through - but once you've done a full round of p90x, or another program, it's fun to hybridize with other physical activities to keep you motivated!