I thought for this post I'd just lay out a couple very, very simple concepts about health and fitness.  The point of these 3 concepts is not to make your jaw drop to the floor, and also not to provide you with some "secret" formula for how it works, but rather to help open your eyes to the facts about how stuff works in the real world!  

1) It's not just about exercise...It's not just about nutrition...It's about both

Sorry! Another way to say that is that if you do T25 every day, but don't watch what you eat you won't see the best results possible.  Likewise, if you jump onto a new nutrition plan but aren't physically active, you will also not see the best results.

In Insanity: The Asylum, Shaun says something that hit me the other day.  He says that your body will tell you that you are tired, but you have to control your mind to tell your body that you indeed can push harder.  It got me thinking about that "little voice in your head" that so often takes control. Have you said this to yourself recently?

So it's that time of year when we have ONE chance to make a change in our lives - that's right, New Year's Resolution time!  Actually - WRONG!  There is not a statistic to back me up, but I think you'd all agree with me that by sometime around the first week of February, life gets back to normal and we fall into our old patterns.  It used to happen to me too, and why? Because I've got commitment issues!  Remember, Beachbody's slogan is "Decide. Commit. Succeed."  Deciding is hard enough, but commitment is about what you do afterward - that's where the money really is!

Do you have commitment issues too?  And I don't mean in your personal life - you can take that up with your significant other or therapist, that's not my department.  But do you struggle to keep your promises to YOURSELF, and then do you lose the way on the path to a better you?  If I were ever to write this email, it would seem logical to coincide with the New Year.  While I encourage you to make your "Day 1 for a New You" anytime during the year not just on January 1st, for those of you making hardcore resolutions this year, follow these tips to stay on track!

Today's topic is a departure from my usual, but is a topic that I think we often ignore.  We live in an "all-or-nothing" society.  There is only one Super Bowl Champion, only one Kentucky Derby Winner, only one Best Picture Oscar, only one World Series MVP.  I write to you every week telling how you need to do X, Y, and Z to get in the best shape of your life, you buy Beachbody products which have 6-day a week schedules for 90 straight days.  You have to give up alcohol, sweets, soda and eating anything before bed if you want to lose a substantial amount of weight.  And yet, who here is perfect?  Not me!  The reality is that we should all strive to do all the things I outline in these emails every week, but when life hits us and for some reason we can't, you must remember that something is better than nothing.  I encourage you to eliminate the excuses and just buckle down and take over your life already!  You are the only person in the world that can do that - we all know I can't do it for you!  BUT by the same token, don't give up when you A) Fall off the wagon and think you'll never get back on, B) Hit a road bump, or C) Your body is telling you need a break.  

Many of you are probably experiencing one of those 3 factors even as we speak.  So my advice to you is to not treat this like "all or nothing," but rather accomplish what you can do right now, and perhaps just slightly more.  Many of us believe if we can't do it all the way, we shouldn't do anything at all.  Quite the contrary!  Today's topic is "Just do Something!"

This is what we call a "down" time of the year in the fitness industry (late summer/early fall).  In general, everyone gets ramped up for the New Year (resolution/guilt season), and gets ramped up for the summer (bikini/beach season!), but the periods that follow both those (February, and late August/September) are usually some of most down times of the year when we really all need the most motivation.  So how do you feel today?  Was your summer flare up of motivation and drive to exercise and eat healthy recently extinguished?  Is your New Year's Resolution still breathing life or is it completely dead?

Well, today is about throwing all the garbage out and starting over, if you need it!  Here is a little motivation to get you RAMPED UP for the fall!