I am training for a half marathon this year, but definitely don't want to give up p90x upper body workouts!  I've done a little research, both from people's personal experiences and some sources online, and figured that if I run 4 times a week and do p90x upper body workouts on the other days, I should be still be OK.  Training for long distance, it's very important to include an LSD (long slow distance) run once a week, and I personally believe it is important to do at least one speed workout per week (intervals/repeats on the track, or a long-ish tempo run, at about 80-85% max heart rate).  I also think that there are some major benefits to doing Insanity with running, since it is explosive work on the legs and activates the fast twitch muscles.  My old cross-country coach in high school always said "A strong runner is a faster runner" and made us do circuits similar to Insanity on some mornings before school (ugh...scary memories of that!).  Every once in a while, I will do a week that has 5 runs, and multiple Insanities!


So with that in mind, this is my basic schedule starting in May hopefully.  I am looking forward to doing this in the summer when I have a littlebit more time and can make the "doubles" work.  I am also excited that Asylum (the sequel to Insanity) is coming out in April!  I will probably buy it in April and do a full round before starting my marathon training, it's only 30 days.  Of course, who knows maybe I'll be subbing in Asylum workouts in this mix eventually too, let's see what it's like when it comes out!

The way this works is that my default will be to alternate weeks 1 and 2, but perhaps every once in a while (one week a month maybe?) I will do the "week 3" in place of a traditional "recovery week" associated with p90x.

Week 1 (Muscle isolation workouts):

Monday: Back and Biceps, Cardio abs

Tuesday: Plyo Cardio Circuit/Aerobic Run

Wednesday: Chest, Shoulders, and Tri's, Ab Ripper X

Thursday:Tempo Run (including warm-up and stretch, 20 minutes week 1, building over time)

Friday: Legs and Back, Cardio abs

Saturday: Pure Cardio/Aerobic Run

Sunday: LSD


Week 2 (Multiple muscle group workouts):

Monday: Chest and Back, Ab ripper X

Tuesday: Pure Cardio/Aerobic Run

Wednesday: Shoulders and Arms, Cardio abs

Thursday: Track workout (warm-up, 4-6x 800m repeats; graduate to 1-mile repeats, 1.5 mile repeats, etc. over time)

Friday: Legs and Back, Cardio abs

Saturday: Plyo Cardio Circuit/Aerobic Run

Sunday: LSD


Week 3 (Leg/Speed focus)

Monday: Max Interval Circuit

Tuesday: Max Plyo/Aerobic Run

Wednesday: 8-12 x hill loops

Thursday: Pure Cardio/Aerobic Run

Friday: Legs and Back

Saturday: Tempo Run (including warm-up and stretch, 20 minutes week 1, building over time)

Sunday: LSD


My only concern is that I might have set myself up to be over training.  But I just don't want to give up Insanity, I love it so much!