What is Ultimate Reset?: A 21 day, non-starvation cleanse.  Includes a full meal plan and daily supplements (does not include laxatives)

Why this cleanse, now?: I'm ready for a break.  I've been working hard, I've been working OUT hard, for over 6 straight months with little break.  This will be a challenge, but I'm looking forward to focusing on the positive things in my life, being very strict with my diet, and feeling the benefits of this cleanse.

What did you eat on "Day 0?": 5/9 was the day before my cleanse.  I had eggs whites and Tropical Shakeology with berries for breakfast, a raw bar for a snack, some peanut butter on Ezekial bread with some fresh fruit and fresh veggies for lunch, and then pizza and one beer for dinner.  (oops, no more of that once Reset starts!!)  Also on Day 0, I did a mega workout!  P90X Shoulders and Arms with Insanity Fast and Furious directly after.  Then I went on a 5 mile fast paced walk with a work colleague.  

What does this first phase look like?: Day 1 looks amazing.  I get to eat eggs, and toast, and kale with pine nuts for breakfast.  Lunch is a big salad, and dinner is Salmon with asparagus and red bliss potatoes.  Eventually animal products are phased out by the end of this week, but for now it's just supplements 4x a day and awesome food!  Snacks are allowed, I have my Vegan Tropical Shakeology on hand, as well as some greek yogurt, fruit, veggies, and nuts for phase I, should be pretty similar to what I strive for in my "normal" diet, but will get harder as I progress into week 2 and 3!

Will you continue p90x and Insanity?: Not for the next 21+ days.  This will be a challenge for me, I love the feeling of doing my workouts, but I am focusing on yoga, taking the dog for long walks, stretching, and light cardio and light resistance if I need to move.  I'm aiming for about 1800 calories a day.

What do you expect to see?: I guess I'm not necessarily looking for a certain number to lose on the scale because I'm pretty much at my ideal weight, but I'm looking forward to be able to wake up in the morning with more energy than I currently have. I want to remember that eating is not an emotional response, but a vital function for health and energy.  I would like to tighten up a little bit, especially around my wasitline.  I truly believe in order for me to continue to progress physically, this break is essential.  It will keep my mind active as I follow the plan, prepare the meals, and take care of myself.

Are you doing anything else in addition to cleansing?: I am going to work on being more positive and meditative in my daily activities, including not swearing!  Otherwise, focusing on taking care of my wife and dog, and being grateful for everything I have.

I will be doing a video blog on some landmark days, so stay tuned!! I want to do this right.  I will need your support, feel free to follow me on twitter by clicking the icon on the far right of this page and help give me support!