So here I am on Saturday night, Day 3 complete!  I have stuck completely to the guidelines for these three days, though I made a few adjustments to the eating schedule to accomodate life and family.  I was unable to cook Friday night because of a gig, but ate some Whole Foods sushi rolls for dinner, which were in a way a substitute for night 3 dinner.  I feel these types of substitutions are reasonable.  I found with the oatmeal and bluberries for breakfast I was hungry sooner during the day than during day 1.  I also added a snack of a vegan Shakeology around 4:00 p.m., mixed only with water and ice.

The Alkalinize supplement is going down a little easier already, I think the key is, by the suggestion of another coach, mixing it with a small amount of water and taking it like a shot.

Some of the things that I thought would be hard are not posing as much trouble as I expected.  For example, I came into this thing as a 2+ cup a day coffee drinker.  I have to say, I was a little hazy by the night of Day 2 without coffee, but today on Day 3 I felt no side effects.  It seems like a cliche, but I truly think by having fruits and vegetables on every meal I am getting the energy from my food, and of course drinking plenty of water.  I wonder if the lack of caffeine was related to my sudden drop of weight on Day 2.  

I also was really worried I would be feeling snacky, particularly after dinner.  That is my bad time, when I'll sometimes just grab cereal out of the box, or other foods just sitting around the house, but I've really found I am surviving these cravings easily.  First of all, since I'm eating about 1800 calories a day, or so, I really am not hungry.  I'm not working out, so this seems to really sustain me.  But by making this commitment, it's a commitment to the WHOLE thing, and I will stay strong when it comes to snacking.

So today on Day 3 I had a very relaxing Saturday with my wife.  We went "off menu" for dinner.  I felt this was a necessary compromise, as she isn't doing the cleanse full out with me, and it was such a beautiful day we decided to grill outside.  I made chicken with a homemade lemon/garlic/cilantro/cumin marinade, and she had skirt steak.  The steak looked delicious but no red meat in Ultimate Reset!  We grilled up zucchini, pepper, squash, and red onion, and I made a plate of brown rice to serve

it all over.  As a little treat after dinner, we threw a couple pears on the grill to warm them up as a healthy dessert.  Day 4 dinner was stir fried veggies and brown rice, so I kind of make this the equivalent of that, and I will be making the Day 2 black beans and rice with tortilla for dinner tomorrow.  Meat is allowed in week 1, so I figured there was nothing wrong with grilling a chicken breast in a healthy, homemade marinade.  I think adjustments like this are important to fit your own lifestyle and family!  I will speak to more on this topic later in the cleanse.  As you can see in the picture, we were pretty excited about grilling, I actually didn't have a "before" picture of the food, but rather a "during" since we started eating and I forgot to take a picture :). It was great to eat outside on our patio, which we worked on weeding and setting up earlier in the day.

For lunch I made the Lentil Lime Salad from the recipe book and had it with the microgreen salad I had leftover from Day 1.  It was a great lunch!  I was also able to have a greek yogurt with blueberries as a snack midday.

Overall, I am feeling great.  Not hungry, but lots of energy.  Particularly in the morning, I am waking up fresher than I normally remember.