Day 4 went by pretty painlessly.  Breakfast was almost "too easy" today 

with toast, fresh fruit, and yogurt, it almost took no prep time and was very filling.  We had Mother's Day lunch at my family's house, and I brought a salad with quinoa and legumes from whole foods to eat.  Fortunately I have an understanding family and no one took offense.  For dinner I went back to the Day 2 meal, with tortillas and brown rice and black beans.  Very delicious, and didn't even feel like I was on a cleanse, it was just good dinner.  My wife and I ate outside again with the firepit going, and I took the dog for a very long walk after dinner, so in general it was a very relaxing day.

The scale has settled somewhere around 5 pounds down, which I'm actually happy about.  I didn't want it to keep doing down, as it had been every morning.  Last night I did have a craving right before bed, so I had a tablespoon of peanut butter. Probably not the best thing, but better than grabbing cereal as I probably would have before reset.

A very busy week is coming up, I will have to stay vigilant and on task with my food prep.  Fortunately, I was smart to start on a Thursday, my day off, which means each new phase will begin on a Thursday, and I can assimilate the new routine, go shopping, etc.  I made a shopping list to cover food from Monday-Wednesday to finish off week 1.  Actually, I already have most of the food, it shouldn't be too bad.  I have a rehearsal till 6:00 tonight (night of Day 5), so I won't be able to cook stir-fry vegetables and Miso soup until late, but will make do!

I will say, while my workouts have been pretty much only stretching and walking as suggested, I did a set of 50 pushups yesterday, not really to workout but to see how I could do without having worked out in several days.  I know, it sounds kind of funny, but I did 50 with no problem, so any notions of "lost progress" can be thrown out the window for now.  I plan to go on an aerobic run on Thursday.