Today I wanted to talk a little bit about food preparation.  First an anecdote.  Several people recently have told me that when they are doing their food shopping they wonder if I am going to pop up out of no where when they grab the non-whole grain bread, or reach for a frozen dinner.  I just want to get it out there that I am far from perfect when it comes to diet!  In fact, Christen and I eat out a lot, it's just the nature of being two very busy musicians.  We do cook at home, and have some amazing recipes, we love to grill, and I'd say when we eat out, we make health-conscious decisions, but in general I'm sure many of you are better than we are on a week to week basis.

I spend a lot of time making sure Christen is set with her food for the day, as with myself, but dinner is basically a free for all. So the experience of having to prepare every single meal, and truly every meal since I am not even using Shakeology that often during this 21 day cleanse, has been something new for me.  I think I like it, though I'm not sure I could do it with this amount of care for eternity.  To illustrate an example, I don't have a free second to spare from now until Thursday, though I found 30 minutes to food shop and decided to cook at 7 pm tonight when I got home.  I made a menu for myself based on the Ultimate Reset guide for every meal from Monday dinner through Thursday breakfast and made the shopping list, and got it all.  Even though I was shopping at Whole Foods, I only spent about $55, and bought all the food I needed for 8 meals, which is pretty amazing!  At $6+ a meal, that really isn't bad considering the quality of the food.  I am also really liking the empowerment of chopping and cooking during, and cleaning after every meal.  It's tedious and actually kind of a pain sometimes, but I obviously never regret it when I'm done!  Tonight I got home around 7:00, made miso soup with seaweed and stir fried vegetables with brown rice, then cleaned once, and made a new microgreen salad and quinoa salad for future lunches before going to bed.

Actually, I'm lucky my wife cut up some veggies for my stir fry (see below) while I ran a quick family errand, and I was grateful that she helped out, if nothing else for the symbolic gesture that she is supporting my Ultimate Reset.  You'll also see the amount of chopping needed to make my quinoa salad for lunch tomorrow in a picture below.  Mint, parsley, tomatoes, cucumbers, kalamata olives, and lemon - it came out great!  Even though you can buy something similar at Whole Foods, I made two full servings of it for way cheaper, and could control the amount of salt and oil which is definitely a plus.

So at least for now I'm saying this is a good thing and might lead to positive changes in my appreciation for food prep.  There really is something almost spiritual about it, and I am looking at food much differently than I did even a week ago.  Instead of being a means to an end, or a response to an emotion, food is now a process I am intricately involved in from start to finish.  If I can even do 1/2 of what I'm doing now going forward, I think it will be a great benefit to my family!