Day 6 was very straight forward, not much to report!  However, I tried tempeh for the first time, marinated with some apple cider vinegar, soy sauce, sesame oil, maple syrup, and garlic, and baked.  Came out delicious, I was *surprised.*  With some avocado and toast, it was a pretty well rounded meal and I was full all morning.  Lunch was my quinoa salad, which I put on top of the microgreen salad.  Dinner I knew would be a free for all tonight with a long work day and rehearsal.  I was supposed to eat  "roasted root medley" and there was a "roasted vegetable medley" at Whole Foods so I took that as a sign that I made the right choice and saved some prep time!!  I'm actually really excited that I don't have to go home now at 9:30 p.m. and prepare any food, everything is set for tomorrow, I will make my soup for lunch on the spot during my lunch break, and have everything to make for dinner when I get home late, so life is good.  Oh - yes I did have a plain vegan shakeology with just water mid afternoon, I found I was hungry after the quinoa salad.

Tomorrow is the last day of phase I, reclaim.  I know this is 21 days, but I'm literally counting meals, so meal 21/63 will be done tomorrow, with 42 more to go.  Kind of like the third leg of a race, I feel like phase II will be the trickiest, since the end isn't near, but I'm right in the heart of this cleanse.

Other good news is aside from some minor aches on day 1, and little headache on day 2, no side effects.  Digestion: good.  Caffeine headaches: none.  Muscles: alive and well.  And somebody at work told me I had a "perfect, peachy complection" today, I didn't even think of my skin benefitting from this!

Thinking of a couple others doing it - Pastor Patricia Pena is on my team doing it, on the same day, and I've noticed a few other coaches on my team around the same benchmark as me.  Lastly - my next video update will be on Thursday, I will be doing 2 videos, a general one and a more focused topic, stay tuned!!