Week 1 is officially over!  That wasn't so bad!  Although I have to come clean, today I had a little more to eat in the healthy snack category.  When making zucchini and cashew soup for lunch, I got a little snacky with the extra cashews.  And I had a piece of bread with natural peanut butter on it with my yogurt snack in the afternoon, so a couple extra calories.  I took the dog on a mile run in the morning, and did some very light resistance training and push-ups in the morning.  I just had to move around!  Maybe that is why I felt I needed to eat more.

As I'm looking at the next two weeks, I realize working out will not be needed, its a super high vegetable diet, with not a ton of protein.  I will probably be having Vegan Shakeology once a day for a slight protein boost, but this will certainly be a big change for me.  Tomorrow I will wrap up my feelings about week 1 and looking forward to week two!

Today I had oatmeal with fruit for breakfast, zucchini/cashew soup for lunch, and baked tempeh with green beans and brown rice for dinner.  It was actually pretty easy to prepare today.  Tomorrow I am taking the day off to reset my kitchen for phase II and get ready!  The middle school show I am playing at is going up this weekend, so time will be kind of tough until Monday.  That's about it for today!  More tomorrow!