Week 2 has started! I was scared about the new supplement called "detox" but it's actually no problem at all.  It is a yellowish powder that has a bunch of fibrous plants, like chia, flax, etc. that is used to help digest and cleanse.  My two scares with this one were that it wouldn't taste good and that the "cleansing" would be rough.  In both cases, it's fine.  They actually sweeten it with stevia, a natural plant sweetener and a little bit of lemon, so it's really easy to take, and so far the effects from it are only positive and not intrusive!

Some of the highlights of meals the past two days were a rice beans with steamed veggies.  I steamed zucchini with garlic and pepper, and cooked up some frozen green beans for this portion.  I do have to say, my wife makes the best rice and beans on the planet, Puerto Rican style, so while this meal was still good, I definitely longed for her rice and beans.  It made me think that the completely new recipes are pretty tasty, but if you make a "reset version" of a home favorite, you might not like it so much.  Nonetheless I took it for lunch on day 9, so I was happy that the double batch lasted me two days.  Likewise, the sweet potato and red pepper soup I made on Day 9 is the lunch on day 10.  I feel like the prep is relatively speaking easier than in week 1 so far.  My wife and I are in the middle of a run of a show at the local middle school, including a matinee and night performance on Saturday, so it will be interesting to see how everything works out on Day 10, but I think I have it under control!

Week 2 is completely vegan.  I'm sure my daily protein intake is a little less than normal, but since I'm not working out it's probably fine.  I will probably do a total body lifting routine 1 time this week.  I'm losing weight still, at about 8.5 pounds down so far.  I know my waist is going down a little bit so I don't think I'm losing just muscle!