I can officially say I have crossed the half-way point today!  This weekend was a real challenge with 4 shows, two funerals, and a normal church weekend, but I stayed on menu and on track!  To give a sense of what the schedule was like, on Saturday I played 9:30 and 11:00 a.m. funerals in adjacent towns, ran home quickly to reheat my sweet potato soup with a salad, then went off to the matinee show at 1:00. I had time to cook a quinoa and lentil pilaf for my dinner, but saved it for after the show and had a vegan Shakeology with berries and almonds for a snack.  When I came home, I had the pilaf with steamed broccoli for dinner.  On Sunday, I had church early but made it home briefly to reheat some quinoa pilaf and made a cucumber and tomato salad, then went off to the 2:00 p.m. show.  After this long weekend it was important to me that my wife and I spend some quality time, so we walked the dog and cooked together.  I went "off menu" for dinner, but stayed within guidelines.  We made our favorite Asian marinade which we usually use on pork, and while she had it on pork I used the left over tempeh I had, and it actually turned out great!  We finished it with steamed broccoli and brown rice and it was a great dinner.  I felt fuller than I have in a while, which is probably a good thing, the scale has continued to go down and I actually would prefer it not continue to go down!  I will be working out lightly in the morning with some light resistance exercises.

Phase II has definitely been a little harder.  Now that the diet is completely vegan, this is a new thing for me, but I haven't broken yet after 4 full days of week 2.  I find myself getting moody at times, but overall I feel great physically.  I knew this would be the toughest weekend! I originally was planning to start Reset on Monday the 5/21 since the show would be over, but now I'm SO glad I already started!  First of all, the finish is near, but also in a way I'm happy to be doing it now when I'm busy.  Soon the summer will settle in and I am glad to have gotten my body tune-up in before summer so I can enjoy summer for what it is!  I am looking forward to my major improvement from reset being my night eating.  For example, today after our dinner at 7 pm I had no cravings to eat anything after we were done, which for me is not normal!  

I do have to reiterate how much I like that in phase II a lot of the meals are a dinner/leftovers for lunch combination.  I have been making double batches of everything for that reason, and best of all I am not throwing away anything.  I've basically used every vegetable and nothing has gone bad, except for some basil and cilantro I bought on the first day.  Below is a picture of the pilaf in a baking dish for storage, that is two big meals right there!  And very tasty!  Best of all I went shopping once on Thursday and bought $95 of food, and it has lasted me this entire week.  Except for a couple herbs I have to buy fresh on Wednesday for dinner, that $95 has given me 21 meals!! Amazing!