I was kind of bad today and decided against regulations laid out in the Ultimate Reset guidebook that I would work out this morning.  I did some strength training on all my upper body muscle groups:

Shoulder Presses

Shoulder Fly-Row-Press

Standing Biceps Curls

Crazy 8 Static Curls

Overhead Triceps extensions

Chair Dips



I did that whole thing twice, and it took about 25 minutes.  I then ate my morning fruit.  I placed it hear because I had a pretty big protein day the day before and felt good, and quite frankly just wanted to feel a little burn!  I didn't notice any extra fatigue later in the day and even wasn't extra hungry or anything.  In the morning before work I chopped up some carrots, celery, onion, garlic, ginger, broccoli, string beans, and bok choy (ugh! so much chopping again!) and made the hearty vegetable miso soup.  It was a delicious soup, something I will definitely make again, and it's basically just veggies, water, and miso paste, a little oil.  I had a huge bowl of that for lunch and still had some leftover for dinner tomorrow.  I caved a little at dinner.  I was supposed to make beets and coconut collard greens, but you know what - I just didn't want to! I haven't had take out since I've started the cleanse and all the cooking and cleaning had gotten to me, so I figured if I was going to eat out again it might as well be tonight.  So far I had sushi one night in week 1, and had whole foods meal subs (totally legit subs!) 2 other times, otherwise everything has been homemade.  Tonight I ordered soba noodles with edamame, carrots, peppers, and scallions from the restaurant Tisane.  It's actually a pretty healthy choice, and I specifically asked to have it lightly dressed.  Noodles are not ideal for the cleanse, but it was low calorie and vegan so I feel like I didn't do anything detrimental.  Some of the Ultimate Reset recipes use agave nectar, or honey to sweeten and certainly there is always sesame oil and olive oil used in the recipes, so I figured any oil in the light dressing wouldn't kill me.

Since today was a little "different" I'm interested to see if I feel any different tomorrow or if all will be the same.  My stomach is fine so far! Tomorrow is a long day with rehearsals at night, but fortunately I have my soup ready to go!