Today I finished week 2!  I'm so excited, the end is in sight.  Food was great today, but I kind of went off menu again.  I had Shakeology with berries for breakfast, zucchini cashew soup for lunch with a big salad (I just loved the soup last time I made it!) and then dinner was on-menu with an edamame and corn succotash.  It was quite good with some lime and cilantro, almost tasted like a heated up salsa.  I made two servings in case I need a snack next week it seemed like a good choice!

I was happy that today was the last day of the detox supplement!  I actually didn't mind the taste, though I've heard other reseters aren't huge fans.  I just didn't like that I had to mix it with water, I'd much rather take a pill!  It's kind of a big production to mix it all up.  Needless to say, I'm happy to try the new supplement "revitalize," a probiotic/prebiotic starting tomorrow.  Here's proof!  Only 7 more Alkalinize's and 1 more detox (which I polished off today).

I scheduled a physical at my doctor's office today, it will be on June 7th.  I'm actually kind of excited to see what my levels are like post-reset.  Also, I haven't had a physical since I started P90X, et al, 3 and a half years ago (gulp...should have had a physical before now, I know...).  But still - looking forward to it in a weird way!

I will do a video summary for week III sometime on Friday.  I'm a little nervous, technically legumes and nuts are out and a grain is allowed only at dinner, so it's all fruits and vegetables all the time.  We'll see!!  Keep tuning in.