I'm adjusting to week 3, technically I'm not allowed to eat legumes or nuts anymore, but I anticipate breaking this rule occasionally.  Basically it's all fruits and veggies all the time, with some optional grains at 1 or 2 meals a day.  Dinner is usually a starchy vegetable, like a winter squash or sweet potato, with a side of vegetables and a grain (brown rice, millet, or quinoa).  I will be posting a video a little later with my reflections on week 2 and how I can see the end!!  I'm definitely ready for Reset to be over, but it's so close I know I can do this!

Below are pictures from my past two dinners: a baked sweet potato with steamed broccoli and quinoa, and curried cauliflower with haricots and brown rice.  Surprisingly filling on both counts!  Breakfast every day is a large fruit plate, and lunch is usually a salad, possibly with quinoa or a grain on it, or another side of veggies.  I am finding I am a little more hungry in between meals, so I am going to have one Shakeology a day.  With the 15g of protein, the Shakeology is a great snack in the afternoon, or a sub for breakfast.  Video will be up a little later today and I explain more!  4.5 days left!