Day 19 and 20 both went well. I am writing this on the morning of Day 21, my final day!! On Monday, I repeated a recipe and made a baked sweet potato for dinner again, and also cooked up some broccoli rabe.  Monday was Memorial day so it was definitely a bummer to not participate in BBQ on that beautiful day, but I knew that the long weekend would fall in the middle of my Reset and I'd have to deal with it. I was happy that my wife and I ate together, we shared the broccoli rabe as a side, I made it similar to the "lemony asparagus" recipe for Reset.  Dinner on Day 20 ended up being an Asian stir fry with brown rice.  I made a couple servings of the hearty vegetable miso soup on Monday night as well, which served as my lunch on day 20.  I had to eat around 5:30 which is a little early for dinner, since I had rehearsals from 6:00-9:00, so when I got home I had an apple before bed.

One big change on Day 20 was I added a piece of Ezekial toast and avocado for breakfast.  It was actually just right for me, sometimes the fruit alone wasn't enough for me if I knew I was going to have a late lunch, which I definitely did on Tuesday.  I had a Shakeology in the afternoon on Day 20 - again I can't say enough how much of a life saver Shakeology has been on numerous occasions during Reset!  Another confession - I did workout in the morning, really only the third "real" workout besides walking and stretching.  I did Core Cardio and Balance from Insanity, which is the Recovery Week, so it is lighter than a regular Insanity workout.  Since it builds up slowly and Shaun encourages you to pace yourself and not burn yourself out, I thought it was a good choice.  In some ways, I'm kind of easing myself back into "normal" life.  

Today being the last day is exciting and scary.  What will life be like after Reset?  How fast will I reintroduce "old" eating habits and how much will I keep from this program?  I anticipate gaining some of the weight back when I start working out again, but how fast and how much of this 10-12 pounds I've lost is permanent?  We'll see!  Today will not be easy, as I have clinics and a concert all day with a jazz quintet.  I found a Whole Foods 30 minutes from our gig site where I will drive for dinner!  Can only bring enough food for snacks and lunch, so this is good news!