Here it is - the final day!  And as luck would have it I have a day full of clinics at a regional school in Pioneer Valley Massachusetts, including an evening concert.  It was a drag because I had to prep everything in advance, but it also left no room for snacking or falling off the wagon the last day!  Breakfast was easy, as usual, for lunch I had a salad I bought from Whole Food the night before and a little bit of leftover rice and stir fry.  For dinner, I found a Whole Foods 30 minutes away in Hadley, MA and made the drive during our dinner break.  I was super happy to see they even had a Vegan Bar there, something my hometown Whole Foods doesn't have!

So all and all, this was a rather easy day.  I can't believe it's actually over!  I look forward to slowly introducing some staples of my old diet, like lean meats, and yogurt, and also slowly getting caffeine back.  The days of 3-5 cups of coffee a day are over though, I'm looking forward to just having a single cup per day.  Even starting off, I will just have black tea.

There will be a more detailed wrap coming soon, and a video!  I'm so pumped that it's over, not that it wasn't a great experience but just that I can be a little more off guard and not so particular about every little thing I put in my mouth.  Happy Day 21!!!