So let's cut to the chase.  Here are my before and afters.  I'm wearing my favorite pair of 31 inch waist Banana Republic jeans in both pictures.  Obviously I had gained a little weight since I bought them last summer because they were quite tight on day 1.  Now they are nice and loose again!












Starting Weight: (Day 1): 172.5 lbs.

Ending Weight: (Day 21): 159.3 lbs.

Inches lost on waist: 2+

Some other things you might be interested in is that before Ultimate Reset I was able to do 65 push-ups in one minute with no problem. Just this evening, technically day 22, after 3 weeks of working out, I was still able to do 65, which proves I didn't lose any performance ability.

What Else Did You Notice?

It's hard to say this without sounding cliche but I'm really just "running cleaner."  Whether it is the way I feel first thing in the morning, my appetite, my daily energy, or my digestion - all things are just running better.  Of the 13 pounds I lost, I'm sure some of it is muscle tone, especially in my legs, but to lose all that in my waist and still have my upper body strength, I'm convinced flushing out of toxins, balancing my fluids, and burning off some intercostal fat was a big part of this loss.

What Did You Learn?

What this proves is something we ALL know but something most of us don't follow: diet is absolutely essential to getting your fitness and weight loss results!  I was working out constantly for nearly a year, 5-6 days a week, and was stuck at my weight, somewhere within 4 pounds of my "day 1" weight.  Here I took a break from working out, worked on self-care and 100% clean diet, and I shattered my plateau. It wasn't even about the pounds lost, it was about getting healthy and on track.

What Did You Eat on Day 22?

I did have a Greek Yogurt and Sushi today, and black tea (in terms of the things I wasn't eating before).  Everything else was still Ultimate Reset guidelines.  I actually dove in faster than you are supposed to, but I figure fish and greek yogurt are not going to upset my stomach.  And they didn't, so I'm ok.  It will be a couple more days before I eat chicken and other meat, and will try to permanently avoid processed foods, including cereal, and limit my cheese intake.  I think cheese and cereal alone were two major problem areas for me!

Any Advice For People Considering Reset?

I said this before - this type of thing is the last thing in the world I would ever want to do, yet it was the MOST important thing I've done for myself in a long time.  We can more easily decide to commit to an hour a day of working out than something like this, which is really committing a full day, 21 times - 63 meals, of your life and sticking with it.  So my advice is you HAVE to do this, or something like this every once in a while, otherwise you are just the proverbial hamster running around the wheel, doing the same thing day in and day out and not achieving your full potential.  Yes it was hard, but not so hard that it was impossible.  There were a few times I got sad, or frustrated, but overall I went to bed every day feeling accomplished and proud of myself for making good choices.  And I look forward to keeping the good habits going into the future.

Beachbody makes it SO easy for you to succeed.  You can use the online portal which gives you shopping lists.  All the recipes are simple enough for an amateur chef like me to prepare.  I found as the week progressed my shopping lists were getting lower and lower.  I think in week 3 I shopped once for $75 or dollars and that covered my entire week!

Final Thoughts?

Last thing I'll say is this cleanse is 100% safe.  There was never a moment where I felt nauseous, sick, or got bad headaches.  I never felt starved, I never felt aloof or off balance.  I usually felt full, satisfied, balanced, mellow and calm, and in control in everything I did.  My outlook on food is so different now, it isn't related to my emotions like it was just 3 weeks go.  I've grown to trust my body that it gives me signals when I'm hungry - and then I eat.  This is no master cleanse, or the kind of cleanse where you are running to the bathroom every 2 minutes.  

Like P90X and Insanity, from the outside looking in, Ultimate Reset seems out of your reach of current ability.  Beachbody must be crazy to come up with yet another program that is challenging and puts us out of our comfort zone.  But, like P90X and Insanity, if you follow the plan, you will see results.  I certainly did!  In an instant gratification society, Ultimate Reset is an answer to your REAL body issues and makes you work for it, but supports you the whole way.  You WILL get your results.  Try it!