Many people contact me and say, "I'm really interested in being a coach, but I'm not sure I will know what to do or be successful." Another common thing people say is, "I want to make sure I can afford the $15.95 monthly maintenance fee before I start my business."

These are very common statements, and perhaps you have said them and that is what led you to this article. The truth of the matter is that being a coach is an extremely affordable opportunity to not only help others and make money for yourself, but highly improve the person that you are, both physically and mentally. To say that the opportunity is "priceless" is of course a cliche, but it's also an ironic statement because there really is no "price" to pay since it is an income opportunity! For example, even if you only sell one workout product per month you will have made up your monthly fee and still had some commission to keep you in the black. 

As for worrying about succeeding or failing, the key is if you dedicate yourself to your business in the first few months, you will absolutely not fail. We have the training and support network from corporate and from our team and myself to make sure if you do put in the work, you will not fail. You need to be a sponge and take it all in when you first start, almost as if it were an internship for the first few months. 

Here are some tips for you:

Sign Up!

That sounds blunt, but I've never had a coach who said, "I'm so glad I waited an extra 6 months to sign up!" Those could have been 6 months of earning and learning. If you are on the fence, you might as well sign up and see what it's all about, because there is no risk and they'll even refund any fees within the first 30 days if you cancel.

The Core Work is about Relationships

There are tons of somewhat logistical things about being a coach that you will learn as you go, but the core of your work is the person to person contact that ANYBODY can do. Instead of trying to learn the entire system right when you start, work on how you can talk to friends, invite them, and present to them about your products and your challenge groups. Remember that it's all about them, not about you! You need to listen to what they need and then tailor a fitness and/or nutrition package for their needs so they will succeed. From there, you will learn as you go. The first time someone wants to buy P90X, you and I will talk and you will find out what hyperlink to send the person. The first time somebody accidentally signs up with a different coach and wants to transfer to you, I'll walk you through how to do that (it's easy). The first time you have a friend who wants to be a coach on your team, I'll help you sign them up, put them in the right place on your tree, and even do the get started right call with them. Don't sweat the details - just work on the relationships!

Involve Your Family and People Close to You

Being a coach should not be a secret. It is one of the coolest opportunities out there - you actually get to partner with Tony, Shaun T, and Chalene and their amazing products and you get to make connections with other human beings and watch them and yourself transform into better people. And you get paid! So why keep it a secret? Many people have family members as coaches on their team (spouses, parents, siblings...). Before you sign up, you want to get them involved in your decision making and see if they can play a role in supporting you. That will also even out any bumps in the road down the line.

Work off of Lists

The biggest mistake a lot of coaches make is they don't have a good tracking system of the people they talk to. Without a good tracking system, you will not make good follow ups, and the fortune is in the follow up. When you start (or even right now!), you should make a list of at least 50-100 people (if you have hundreds of facebook friends, 50 is easy!) that you are going to reach out to. There are very complex tracking systems out there with multiple fields, or you can be like me and just keep a running list of names on a piece of paper that notes the last time you talked to them and if there are any follow up items (mail them a Shakeology sample...check if they watched the video you sent them...ask them how they like the sample you mailed them...give them a phone call to see if they made a decision about joining your challenge group).

What Are the Basic Things You Do As a Coach?

Be positive.


Run Challenge Groups.

If you do those three things, you will be successful. There are lots of other things you can do, like live fit clubs, and house parties, but ultimately if you present the Beachbody opportunity and product line to people daily/weekly, and run a challenge group every month, you will grow like crazy! Our team recommends talking to 2-3 people a day. Those can be follows ups, they can be brand new people, and not everyone every day is going to get "invited" to something, you might just be connecting and forming your relationship so you can invite them later.

Challenge Groups are the most concrete thing you can do as a coach. Beachbody has scripts and pre-written posts for challenge groups if you need them, or you can put your own personal touch on them. A Challenge Group can run for 30 or more days and is basically a focus group on facebook for about 5 people doing the same workout program, or similar workout programs and Shakeology. The accountability of depending on the 4 others and their coach for 30 days will get them started right on their fitness journey and keep them motivated! It's a win-win - they buy products from their coach, who earns a commission, and then they get you and 4 others to help them achieve their goals. You'll find running these groups is fun and not hard at all! The dynamic of your group is the key factor and you will all benefit from each other's support. Challenge Group customers become your most engaged customers and will often stay on Shakeology home direct and could even eventually become coaches themselves one day, and best of all your customers will get great results and you will be part of that change!

Make Time for Personal Development

If you want to help others, you need to be whole and well yourself first! Even people who claim they have it all together can use a little help every once in a while. I was resistant to reading personal development books when I first started because I thought I did have it all together. But then I read "Goals" by Brian Tracy and that completely changed my perspective. I realized I had a long way to go. The stronger and more confident you are as a person, the more confident and strong people you will attract to your business. Even before you sign up to be a coach, you can start your PD. Find a book ("Goals" is a great starter) and just read 10 minutes a day!

Don't Run Your Business Without Shakeology

Many coaches are already using Shakeology before signing up, or they purchase a challenge pack during checkout so they can get into the product right away. But still, understandably a lot of coaches are drawn to Beachbody because of a workout program they have completed and haven't tried Shakeology. You can make a lot of money as a coach sharing these great workout programs, but I would be lying to you if I said you could be successful without Shakeology. It's tempting to think that you can succeed without it, but it is a continuity product and also the most powerful transformational tool in the Beachbody arsenal. Just like getting in shape is about exercise AND nutrition, being a coach is about providing fitness and nutrition products to your customers, and Shakeology is a huge part of this. 

That is why I highly recommend signing up as a coach with a challenge pack. When you buy a challenge pack, you actually get the $39.95 coach sign up fee waived, and you get a workout and month supply of Shakeology for prices as low as $140-$205 with $2 shipping. (P90X + Shakeology for $205 versus $250 + full shipping). Many new coaches choose to get a box of individually wrapped samples which you can resell to friends, or give out as free samples and use some for yourself. If finances are a concern for you, we might be able to work something out, don't be afraid to ask.

I hope you find this helpful. If you are ready to take the next step, please contact me here!