30-15: Upper Body Massacre is one of the Tony Horton 1 on 1 videos from volume 1.  In these workouts, Tony designs a workout for himself, to be completed in his own home gym.  1 on 1's are unrehearsed, raw, and usually hilarious!  30-15 is essentially a Chest and Back substitute.  It is literally 12 rounds of 30 pushups and 15 pull-ups (24 moves total), with various pushup positions and pull-up grips.  Tony uses the power stands throughout the entire workout, and some of the pushup moves actually require a pushup stand of some sort. I love this workout because it is so basic, but so difficult.  I also like it because of the variety of moves you learn that aren't in the original p90x, including levers and Navy Seal pullups.  

30-15 has got to be one of my favorite workouts, not only because of the difficulty and pure awesomeness of the routine itself, but also because of the production value.  A lot of the 1 on 1's, Tony spends a lot of time talking, but it is so difficult to fit this workout in an hour that he doesn't have a lot of time to talk, but when he does it is hilarious!  Some real classic jokes in this one.  Before I bought the DVD I tried to do a "30-15" routine of my own, and failed.  Having Tony motivating you on the DVD really does help, and the pace is fast, but not so fast that you can't complete the workout.

Halfway through the DVD, Tony changes the workout to 25-12, and you are encouraged to modify as needed.  The premise of this workout is basically the whole "put a number in your head" before starting the move mentality.  

So overall, I would recommend this to anyone who wants to expand his or her DVD library.  It's definitely a different burn than Chest and Back.  To kind of sum it up, when I finish Chest and Back, I am sweating way more, but when I finish 30-15 my muscles are way more beat, if that makes sense.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the 1 on 1 DVD's, including 30-15 follow this link.