Plyocide is from the Tony Horton 1 on 1 series, in volume 3, or "p90x 1 on 1."  The workouts in volume 3 are meant to be test runs of workouts that may be used in new P90x: MC2.  Plyocide is a sub for Plyo X but is in a way a new workout altogether.  It is 66 minutes in length.  My first impression of the workout was that it is certainly more of a legs workout than a plyometric interval workout.  First of all, the format and sequence of events is totally different than Plyo X.  The original Plyo X goes through 4 consecutive moves, which are then repeated before taking a 30 second break, making 5 total circuits plus the "sports bonus" at the end.  Plyocide is 24 moves total, all with ample rest between each one.  Not all the moves are plyometric in nature - many are either balance or strength legwork, akin to the moves from the original Legs and Back DVD.  Tony, as in most of the 1 on 1's, talks a lot, so you get ample break time.  Because of this format, you will certainly sweat, and your heart rate will spike for short bursts of speed, but you will be able to recover in between.  In Plyo X your heart rate is pretty much up the whole time, part of the reason for only 30 second breaks is to keep it up.  So if you look at Plyocide as a legs focus day, that is fine - you will certainly work hard.  But if you are looking for a cardio day with leg focus, do Plyo X or an Insanity workout.


Tony says up front that a lot of these moves are about jumping up, not going deep down.  Plyo X has a lot of squatting moves and deep muscle work, while Plyocide has a lot of moves that start the jump from high.  Some of the moves are very creative including jack-in-the-box knee tucks, warrior three lunges, think drills, and a version of the famous p90x squat switch pickups where you try to go 360!

As far as equipment, it is ideal to have a jump rope and a 10 lb. medicine ball.  However, I was unprepared for this and did fine without either - I used a 10 lb. dumbell and held it horizontally instead of using the ball, and the jump rope is only needed in the warm-up, jogging in place is fine.

Finally, Tony is hilarious on this DVD, however it might get old after watching it every week.  Tony shows up with a shiner on his right eye, and it is the topic of most of the discussion throughout the DVD.  I was laughing out loud!

So overall Plyocide is a great DVD.  It provides a classic leg workout with some plyometric moves, some balance moves, and some strength moves, all with ample rest.  Some are straight forward and some are very challenging.  There is no question you will work up a good sweat and feel tired by the end.  It is great if you are looking for a new leg workout on Day 2 in your p90x rotation, as it offers a combination of strengthening and explosive moves on the same DVD.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the 1 on 1 DVD's, including Plyocide, follow this link.