Shoulders and Arms: MC2 is from the Tony Horton 1 on 1 series, in volume 3, or "p90x 1 on 1."  The workouts in volume 3 are meant to be test runs of workouts that may be used in the new P90x: MC2. This workout is a sub for the original Shoulders and Arms.  While the workout combines a variety of circuits that work the shoulders, biceps, and triceps, the format of the workout is different from the original.  Original Shoulders and Arms is shoulder/bi/tri, repeat once, with 5 circuits total, for a total of 30 moves (15 exercises, each repeated once).  MC2 is more like a bodybuilding workout where you take an isolation exercise and perform 3 full circuits on it before moving on.  Additionally, the workout alternates from a heavy-duty lifting move to a lower weight "fine-tuning" move.  For example, the first circuit is 2 heavy weighted shoulder exercises, each performed 3 times for a total of 6 exercises. That is followed by a pair of lighter, fine-tuning shoulder fly type exercises that follow the same format.  After those two rounds, you are DONE with shoulders and you move on to 2 similar circuits that go biceps/triceps.  


Since there are only 24 total moves (2 x 3 x 4), yet the workout still takes 55 minutes, you can imagine there is a good deal of rest.  Because of the built in rest, and the fact that half of the workout is about brute strength lifting, I took the opportunity when doing this workout to really up my weights and focus on getting only 7-8 reps before exhaustion on the heavy duty moves.  For the fine tuning, I took an opposite approach and lightened my weight to make sure my form was good and did 12-20 reps.  I will say this workout has a move that is an AWESOME control move for the posterior shoulder muscle (see for yourself - I don't want to give it away) :).

If you are looking to add some size using p90x but feel that original Shoulders and Arms is too tiring, or that it moves too fast to up your weight, this is an awesome DVD for you.  If you love the fast-paced circuit weight training in the original DVD, this one will put you to sleep.

That being said, I used this DVD exclusively (with Back and Biceps and 30-15) when I completed my last p90x/Insanity hybrid.  Given that on the Insanity days I was working my tail off, it was nice to have a slow paced strength workout like S&A 2 to focus on building muscle.  By upping my weight almost to uncomfortable levels and aiming for 8 reps, I really saw a difference with my results.

While on other 1 on 1's I admit Tony makes me laugh out loud, I have to say honestly, he is pretty annoying on this DVD.  I often mute it and put on a mix tape.  Other than his commentary, the DVD is golden - the pacing and the sequence makes for a great new upper body workout to add to your p90x library.  I highly recommend it.

If you are interested in purchasing it, or any other of the 1 on 1's, follow this link.