Insanity: The Asylum

Insanity: The Asylum (Volume 1: Sports Performance) is a sports specific conditioning and cross-training program, and arguably the hardest workout program ever put on DVD.  Using the concept of "Max Interval Training" from Insanity, Shaun T has put together a program that includes more compound moves, more agility and control exercises, a specific back-of-the-body toning workout, and a fun and challenging "Gameday" DVD which is meant to be the culmination of what your training and "practicing" is for.  While, like Insanity, many of the exercises require only your body for resistance, there is a strength training day that requires weights or bands, and there are other various pieces of equipment that make the experience better, though most of the required equipment comes standard with the DVD kit.  Asylum is a 30-day program, comes with a diet guide, and perhaps one of its greatest features is that it comes with schedules for Insanity/Asylum and P90X/Asylum hybrids.  There is a lot of jumping, both vertically and laterally, so anyone with weak knees should skip out on Asylum, even if you survived Insanity.  Ultimately, you will be pushed to new levels and you will improve in your lactic acid tolerance, muscle endurance, mental stamina, and control and hand/eye, foot/eye coordination.  If you are an athlete, this is a great program to get you back on your game.  If you are looking for a conditioning program, you can consider yourself an athlete at the end of this program.  Finally, if you are a Shaun T fan, this program is a must!