Focus: T25 was a new workout that was added to the Beachbody collection in the summer of 2013. Created by Insanity and Hip Hop Abs trainer Shaun T, T25 promised amazing results by working out 25 minutes a day, with no breaks, only 5 days a week. It was the first of a series of workouts by Beachbody which focused on shorter, more effective workouts.

For sure, knowing that you can get a killer workout done in less than a half hour is a huge plus for many people. So question is, does the product actually work?

Before I get deeper into the review, the honest answer I would say is that for workout beginners to intermediates, T25 is one of the best programs I can recommend for anyone. If you are elite, and have already completed programs like Insanity and Asylum, I'm not sure if T25 will be enough for you. That being said, there are a few scorching workouts in T25 that will even challenge Asylum graduates!


T25 is technically 10 week program - 5 weeks of the "Alpha" workouts and 5 weeks of the "Beta" workouts, which are slightly more complex. The schedule is Monday - Friday, and the trick is on Friday you do two workouts. So technically it's 25 minutes a day M-Th, and then on F it's 50 minutes. It states that if you can only fit in the one workout, it's ok to make up the second Friday workout over the weekend. Saturday is measurement day, and Sunday is stretch or off day. All and all, this schedule is very doable and really there is no excuse for not finding 25 minutes a day! The workouts are literally exactly 25 minutes, which might include a short warm-up before the main set of exercises. When the 25 minute clock runs out, the scene changes and there is usually a 2-3 minute cooldown that you can do, which is a good idea!


There are a couple different types of workouts. Some of the workouts are a circuit exercises followed by a "burnout" round where you repeat all the exercises of the circuit at a faster pace. The "speed" workouts are almost like a dance sequence. Some of the most intense and fun workouts are Speed 2.0 and Core Speed (the bonus DVD) where Shaun T teaches you two 8-move dance-like sequences over the whole workout so that by the end you have a 64 beat killer combination. Core Speed is especially challenging with some squat jumps and burpee exercises. Some of the Beta workouts include weights or bands, and are more or less "straight through" workouts. There are also a couple ab-focus workouts which alternate cardio and floor exercises. Other workouts are more cardio based, and in the Alpha month there is a lower focus workout that has lots of squats and lunges. Overall, every DVD is a cardio-based workout, with a slightly different focus. You will never feel a major body-building burn at the end of the one of the resistance exercises, but you will always be a sweaty mess at the end of the workouts!

The Trainer

Shaun T is one of my favorite personalities! The best I can describe him in this workout is a combination of Hip Hop Abs Shaun and Insanity Shaun. Sometimes he is fun loving, motivating, and super positive, and other times he's ready to kick your butt Insanity style! Also, he has hair in this series.

The Cast/Modifications

Longtime Shaun T friend and exercise buddy Tania Baron is back after having her baby at age 40! She had a great T25 transformation herself, and plays the modifier in this series. If you have knee or back issues, you can still do T25 simply by watching Tania and doing the lower impact versions of the moves. You will still move and sweat while being safe.

Other cast members include Shaun's husband Scott, and Tania's husband Derek. There are a few other somewhat forgettable men and women in the cast, but all are very fit and show the great form on all the exercises.

Who is this for?

As I said, T25 is good for anyone. It's a great program to do from start to finish, but it's also nice to have a few 25 minute workouts in your back pocket to do on busy days or to double up on days you feel strong. For people looking to increase cardio endurance and want to shed pounds of fat, T25 is a great, approachable program that is also very engaging and fun. Even for Insanity graduates, T25 can be a challenge if you push yourself and work hard (go deep, move fast, and stay focused).

Pick up a copy of T25 today!