With the success of p90x, it was only a matter of time before Beachbody was going to make a new brand of p90x to supplement the workouts that already exist in p90x.  The P90x+ set is made up of 5 new workouts, which are more complicated and at times much harder than the original p90x workouts, and follows a schedule where you rotate p90x+ DVD's in and out of a normal p90x schedule.  If I were to sum up the p90x+ workouts, they are more challenging, although shorter than p90x workouts, and tend to all be extensions of Tony's love for Core Synergistics.  There is rarely a move in any of the DVD's that is simple, weighted exercise that isolates one muscle group - there are a lot of compound moves, or weighted moves that require core balances, etc.  For example, while you rarely do standard pull-ups, you will find that you are doing exercises that start on the pull-up bar, and then end up on the floor with pushups, or isometric moves requiring grip and back strength while hanging on the pull-up bar. Overall, the workouts are fun, fast-paced, challenging, and a great change of pace from p90x.  However, if you are looking to build muscle and do traditional weight lifting exercises, you may not love the compound moves of p90x+.

Overview of the Workouts

The workouts are Upper Plus, Total Body Plus, Interval X Plus, Kenpo Cardio Plus, and Abs/Core Plus.  In general, the latter three workouts supplant Plyo, Kenpo, and Ab Ripper respectively and the first two workouts are thrown in on traditional "resistance" days of p90x, with Yoga X from the original always in the mix.  Total Body and Abs in particular are very complicated workouts and Tony doesn't always explain the moves before you get into them.  In general, break times are shorter or non-existent, though the DVD's average out at 40 minutes apiece (20 minutes for Abs) so they cram in a lot, but overall you are working for shorter times than p90x.  You will no doubt get a great sweat and your heart rate will be high for the whole 40 minutes, but you will not feel the "burn" of, say, Back and Biceps, or some of the other isolation exercises of original p90x.  

My two favorite DVD's of the batch are actually the cardio DVD's: Interval X Plus, and Kenpo Cardio Plus.  For anyone who complains "Kenpo X is too easy," you have a solution with the latter DVD!  Kenpo Cardio Plus is a much more intense workout than its predecessor, in that it takes the basic moves and footwork and adds new compound moves that will definitely get your heart rate up.  Interval X is a true interval workout, something lacking from p90x, and is somewhat harder than Plyo X, though it works you differently.  For people interested in trying Insanity, it is a nice pre-cursor workout to Insanity.  Sometimes when I am doing Insanity, instead of doing Pure Cardio, I will do Kenpo Cardio Plus and instead of doing the "cardio breaks" in between sets I do a set of 10 pull-ups.  It gives an incredible burn and kind of turns into a PAP workout where you are alternating strength training with anaerobic interval work.

Cast and Feel

The workouts feature the same crew every time - founding Million Dollar Body/Beachbody Coaches Traci Morrow and Mark Briggs, and Tony Horton.  Tony is in his usual form, but since the workouts are so fast paced, he often doesn't get as many corny jokes out - that might be to your liking!  Traci and Mark work their tails off, and are perfect models for the form on every exercise.  I very much enjoy working off of them on the DVD's.  The workouts take place in the traditional "p90x gym" and have a similar feel to original p90x.

Usefulness of the Schedule

I actually don't know too many people that follow the p90x+ schedule all the way through.  Many people decide to buy the DVD's just to occasionally alternate into a standard p90x schedule, and this is perfectly fine.  However, there is nothing wrong with following the schedule to the T.  What you will find is that you are often working on cardio strength, core strength, and muscle endurance.  You will not bulk up, but you will probably keep any muscle tone you put on during original p90x.  If  you are ever interested in trying a workout like Asylum, p90x+ would actually be an excellent precursor - many of the moves are similar to the "Strength" DVD of Asylum.  I know a lot of women who love p90x+, it feels less like a "macho" weight lifting session and more like a fun and fast paced cross-training workout with an enthusiastic fitness instructor.  While there is still benefit to women to do a traditional strength training workout like p90x, or ChaLEAN Extreme, p90x+ is a fun alternate solution for leaning down and working on endurance.


The program doesn't come with a diet plan or equipment, but one excellent feature is the "trainer tracks" on some of the workouts.  The DVD plays as normal, but kind of like a DVD commentary, Tony gives tips on correct form in the foreground of the audio during the DVD.  This is extremely helpful, especially since some of the moves are unconventional and complicated. Though there is no diet plan, you can just use the the p90x diet guide.  Just another reminder - you can't do p90x+ without the p90x DVD's, so make sure you have already graduated p90x before purchasing.  If you have equipment for p90x, you will be all set.  Here is an article that talks about the equipment needed for p90x.

The Bottomline

Do you love p90x and are looking for something new in your workouts?  Do you love core synergistics?  Are you ok with doing a program that will maintain muscle mass and burn fat/tone you up?  Well, for only about $60, you get 5 world class workouts that are fun to shuffle into the mix with your p90x workouts.  If you like challenging compound moves, fast paced workouts, and a fun trio of trainers, go for it!  If you'd rather focus on building mass, stick with p90x or Steve Edwards' p90x Mass Schedule (google it!).

To purchase p90x+, follow this link!