If you are frustrated with month I of P90X2 for whatever reason, all I have to say is JUST WAIT till month (phase) II.  For P90X lovers, month II is just what the doctor ordered.  Going back to the familiar schedule, with familiar names like Chest and Back (...and balance), Shoulders and Arms, and Base and Back, and plenty of Ab Ripper X2's, you will feel the burn like never before.  Instead of reviewing each DVD, I'll key you in on some of the elements of each workout in this one article. First of all, Chest, Back, and Balance is not just about cranking out as many pull-ups and push-ups as possible, it is about control and form, and doing push-ups and pull-ups while creating instability.  Mastery of the stability ball and medicine balls in month I is essential to even consider doing this workout.  The "poster child move" of doing push-ups on top of four medicine balls is part of this workout, and you can only use your imagination to think of other ways to create instability while working these two large muscle groups.


Shoulders and Arms is much the same concept, and follows an interesting model of 7 moves, repeated 3 times.  The sequence goes bi, shoulder, tri, shoulder, bi, shoulder, tri, which is a little different from P90X(1).  Base and Back is the workout I have been waiting for my whole life! It is plyo legs combined with pull-ups! The pull-up forms are very creative, and one is even comical in its name (you'll have to watch to know what I'm talking about!).  But seriously, I LOVED Base and Back, and was totally beat at the end, in a way not even X(1) Legs and Back could get me.

You also have the opportunity to use the deluxe workouts, Chest, Shoulders, and Tri's, and V-Sculpt, which is basically Back and Biceps.  First of all, V-Sculpt is the real deal, this is arguably the hardest workout of all the month II workouts. Literally pull-ups/curls, pull-ups/curls for 11 sets, you are completely wasted at the end, and with 22 distinct moves, you won't be bored.  One of the deadliest moves is the 21's pull-ups, where you do 7 low, 7 high, and 7 full range.  Tony is pretty intent on letting you do "kippy" pull-ups at times, and it does help to be able to get a couple cheat reps in once in a while when you are super tired.  Similarly, Chest, Shoulders, and Tri's combines some heavy lifting work on your shoulders with a lot of the tweaky, balance moves on all three muscle groups.  It is a repeat workout, so you do 11 moves, and then the same moves again.

As for schedule, it is suggested you stay 3-6 weeks on phase II.  One way to do this is to do three weeks of the conventional workouts, and then three weeks with the deluxe workouts.  A++ for me on these workouts. I like feeling like I'm working hard, and not to say month I wasn't difficult, in some ways it was very difficult, but I really felt like I was WORKING it in the second phase. I know you will enjoy it too!