Today as Day 2 of P90X2, I did the workout "Plyocide."  The DVD is about 55 minutes and requires some equipment, but though the list at the beginning seems kind of daunting with how much equipment you need, you really can get through the workout without much equipment at all.  The DVD begins with basically the same warm-up as X2 Core, with some stability ball lifts, squats, and lunges, foam rolling and some extra stretches.  In this workout, as with Core, Tony suggests hitting the pause button at the beginning to work on your "rough spots" with the foam roller.  He doesn't give a lot of instruction on how to foam roll, but I imagine after going through the Recovery and Mobility DVD a couple times, I'll have a better sense of the technique.


The setup of the main workout is essentially 20 total moves without repeating anything, which is similar to how Plyocide from the P90X One-on-One series works. However, this produced version of plyocide is MUCH more organized and clean than the rough one-on-one DVD.  The moves are put into groups of 5 sets of 4 exercises.  The first exercise is always a low impact/non plyo move, followed by more explosive movements.  Having a medicine ball is nice, however I used an 8 pound weight as well and got the same effect for the few moves that use a medicine ball.  Some of the moves I remember from the one-on-one DVD are back, including warrior 3 lunges (that is one of the "non-plyo" moves), jack in the box tuck jumps, and think drills.  This workout is definitely not a cardio workout, but your heart rate will be up for most of it and you will really work your legs deeply.  There is one jumping exercise which utilizes a plyo box to step and jump off of - I didn't have one, so just modified and did "switch jumps" from Insanity, it seemed to work fine, I don't think I will be buying a plyo box for just one move in the DVD!

I was surprised when there were still 11 minutes left in the DVD and it said "cooldown."  However the last section was neuro-integrated stretching, which according to Tony is a step beyond normal "static stretching" as one muscle group is always working and the opposing group is relaxing.  During this stretch you need a towel or a resistance band.  I'm actually really glad after this workout to integrate such an important cool down and stretch component.

A lot of care and scientific research went into the creating of this workout.  You might think "hey, it's shorter why did they cut corners" but the truth is the workout is just the right length.  Whereas Plyo X from P90X(1) is a great workout, it sometimes feels like you are just beating yourself up to get your heart rate up and can cut corners with form.  This new workout is measured, keeps you in your anaerobic zone for just the right amount of time to be effective, works your legs and core, and has a crucial cool down stretch component which integrates the latest sports science.  But perhaps more than the science behind it, this is a great DVD including P90X+ "kids" Mark Briggs and Traci Morrow and Tony is at his usual best!  I give this workout a solid A.