With the addition of Cafe Latte to the whey protein based Shakeology drinks in 2015, we are now proud to offer FIVE whey based flavors!

Chocolate - the original, and continually the most popular!

Greenberry - a "niche" flavor, those who love it, love it!

Vanilla - this one took tons of research and only uses the purest vanilla from Madagascar

Strawberry - not to be confused with vegan tropical strawberry, this is mildly sweet, fruity and delicious!

Cafe Latte - like your favorite milk and coffee drink, new and very well liked

All of these whey formulas have been designed to have less sugar and more cutting edge superfoods, including newly added ingredients like moringa, konjac root, luo han guo, and coconut flower nectar.  The whey protein is always isolate, as opposed to concentrate, making for a more pure protein with less fat.

No oils, preservatives, or artificial flavors are ever used in Shakeology!

And now you can buy 3 of the flavors in a triple combo box!  There's a choco/vanilla/strawberry version and now a choco/latte/vanilla combo as well.