The 3-Day Cleanse

An interesting use of Shakeology is to perform the 3-day cleanse.  The reason I like this cleanse above others is because, though it is calorie restricting, there are TWO things that it IS NOT.  1) It is not a nutrient-restricting cleanse - in fact by drinking 3 shakes a day you are taking in plenty more vitamins and minerals and clean nutrients than you could get from eating other food, and 2) It is not a starvation cleanse.  You still take in about 800-1200 calories a day if you do it correctly.  Essentially, this cleanse uses Shakeology, with some fresh produce and protein sources, as a way to eliminate added sugar and artificial sweeteners, gluten, sodium, and caffeine, and any processed food for 3 days while still providing essential nutrients, adequate calories and pro-biotics.  It is also essential to drink plenty of water during the cleanse.  This is a safe and comfortable way to "detox" your body and give yourself a fresh start.  For many who have been tempted to do "master cleanses" or drink strange potions that will supposedly cleanse your colon - if you were scared by these, you probably should be.  But this is an excellent alternative that safely provides a similar effect!  Oddly, you will have more energy than you ever expect when doing it, too!

A good time to do a Shakeology Cleanse is during a recovery week, or in between the finish and start-up of a new workout program, because realistically with the caloric restriction going on, you are not going to want to be engaging in intense workouts.  It should also be noted that the cleanse isn't meant to be a "lose weight quickly" solution.  Many people experience some weight loss, but since you are only restricting calories for 3 days, only some of that is fat and a lot of it is water weight since your body will be well hydrated and have no sodium for 3 days.  Still, the lower number on the scale is a nice side effect of the cleanse!


Breakfast: 1 scoop shakeology and 8-10 oz. of water; optional 1/2 cup of fresh fruit and ice

Snack: 1 piece of fruit (low glycemic fruits: pears, apples, grapefruit, or strawberries)

Lunch: 1 scoop shakeology and 8-10 oz. of water; optional 1/2 cup of fresh fruit and ice

Snack: 1 scoop shakeology and 8-10 oz. of water; optional 1/2 cup of fresh fruit and ice

Dinner: "Big" mixed green salad with 4-6 oz. grilled white fish or poultry (no salt added!)

note: Be careful when choosing your dressing!  Keep the portion light, watch the sodium.  I prefer plain red wine vinegar, no oil.

Repeat for three days, and of course DRINK PLENTY OF WATER.

So as you can see, the Shakeology cleanse takes 9 servings of Shakeology.  If this is something you are interested in trying, contact me and I can help set you up.